For this year's prom season, we are looking for sponsors for approximately 65 dresses by designer Alfred Angelo that will be made available to DC high school girls at DC Public Schools Boutique Day on Thursday, April 15th. Dress donations will benefit the GWFCC DC Fashion Foundation's Project Stitch Studio at West Potomac Academy Fashion Design in Alexandria, VA. Visit their site to see some of the amazing work going on at this fabulous fashion design program.


  • Go to the GWFCC DC Fashion Foundation's Donations Page (you will be taken to Network for Good).
  • In the "I Want To Contribute" box, enter either $50.00 for a Business Sponsor or $25.00 for an Individual Sponsor.
  • In the "Donations Preferences" box, choose "this a one-time donation" option.
  • In the "Designation" box, enter "Kissing Frogs - The Prom Dress Project."
  • Next, you will need to create a profile in order to complete the donation process.

  • On the next screen, choose your payment method.

  • Next, choose your Donation Option which will add an additional %4.75 to your total to ensure the charity gets 100% of your donation (approximately $2.35).

  • Review your donation and then click "Complete Donation."

  • Voila! You are done. You will receive an email receipt of your transaction.

  • The last thing that you will need to do is to let us know that you have made a donation! You can do by simply adding the comment "I Donated to Kissing Frogs" with your name and email address to this post.

Thanks in advance for helping us to make prom dreams come true.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I donated to Kissing Frogs......LN

  1. Donna says:

    I Donated to Kissing Frogs!
    Donna Gibson

  1. Thanks so much for donating!

  1. Nice post. Thanks for sharing it. Know more Prom Dresses.

  1. Do white prom dresses look too much like wedding dresses ?

    I'm considering a couple different prom dresses for my grad on the internet, one of them being a wedding dress. It's not too over-the-top; it's pretty contemporary and chic.I want to go for the classically beautiful look without looking too frumpy. Basically, I want to stay away from anything that looks dated/tacky/uuber common. HOWEVER, will I look too bridal-y? What do you think?

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